Fetal Doppler Monitors: A must-have Pregnancy Device

Fetal Doppler monitors have been in use for over 50 years, but the use of the device has changed within the last two decades. The intended use was originally for healthcare professionals to monitor a baby’s heartbeat during prenatal check-ups, but since the rise in technology Fetal Doppler monitors have become very popular for personal use.

ToronTek-R88 Doppler monitors are one of the more recent monitors to join the market, with advanced features that allow you to safely detect your baby’s heartbeat using the highest quality probe and save the recording for you to treasure forever.

There are many other features to ToronTek-R88 Doppler monitors and benefits to using this device in general during your pregnancy. This article will clarify what they are and how you can begin enjoying your pregnancy with peace of mind and creating early bonds with your unborn baby.

What is a Fetal Doppler monitor?

A Fetal Doppler monitor is a hand-held portable device used to listen to your unborn baby’s heartbeat as easy as 12 weeks into your pregnancy. Similar to ultrasounds done by your health care professional, a Fetal Doppler monitor uses ultrasonic sound waves to retrieve your baby’s heartbeat.

ToronTek-R88 Doppler Features

ToronTek-R88 Doppler monitors are advanced with LCD digital display and three different mode settings for more accurate readings:

  • Real-time Display shows you the heart rate numerically
  • Average Display shows you a more stable reading
  • Manual Display allows you to calculate an average heart rate over a specific period of time

The R88 Doppler is also equipped with a recording cable, headphone socket, built-in loudspeaker to listen to your baby’s heartbeat without headphones, and a waterproof 3MHz probe to retrieve the highest quality sound of your baby’s heartbeat.

Benefits of using a Fetal Doppler Monitor

Having a Fetal Doppler monitor at home allows you to hear your baby’s heartbeat whenever you like, providing peace of mind and assurance when you need it most. Hearing the sound of your baby’s heartbeat during these times is an immeasurable feeling. For busy fathers who may not be able to attend prenatal check-ups, Fetal Doppler monitors are perfect for including them in the development of your baby. ­The use of the device is especially comforting to first-time expecting parents and/or expecting parents who have had difficult pregnancies. This device helps decrease stress and helps create first bonds with those closest to you and your baby during the first 9 months of your baby’s life.

Note: Fetal Doppler monitor’s intended use is to provide comfort, assurance and create early bonds. The device should not be used for diagnostic or medical purposes and should not be used as a substitute for regular prenatal care by a medical practitioner.


Below are some reviews from expecting families who have used ToronTek-R88 Doppler.

Alan Roy:

My wife and I are very satisfied with your product. Being a couple that experienced a loss; it is very assuring for my wife to be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat whenever she wants. We were even able to hear the baby’s heartbeat at 10 weeks! Now that we’re almost at 20 weeks, it’s loud and clear!

Stacey Parsons

Thank you for having such a thing available to the public. It’s a great piece of mind when I wasn’t too far along to be able to listen to the heartbeat and know okay this is real. And now that I am further along when I’m not having a good day or haven’t felt it move too much in the day I can lay back and listen to it when I want without worrying that I haven’t felt it in a while. It’s still beating strong. As a first-time mom best decision I made. Thank you, I love it!

Rose Larden and Mark Chabot

My boyfriend and I love it as it gives us that sense of relief as we had a miscarriage last year at 9 weeks. We are now 19 weeks and so far everything has been going smoothly. ToronTek Doppler helps us out a lot as I was getting anxious anytime an appointment comes up. It also gives us tremendous joy hearing our baby’s heartbeat thank you! We are both satisfied and this was our best purchase in pregnancy!

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